Chrome Remote Desktop - Special keys sticky ?

When I was searching for a log me in replacement I tried google remote desktop, it was what I need with some problem:

The special keys sometimes will get stiky on the remote desktop, like the shift , alt, command, I didn't know what I was and I tried to find:!topic/chrome/5MGDWEsFhwo

long story short

Uninstall log me in extension

dd-wrt + hfs = tomato shibby

I have a Linksys E3000 router, and I used to have dd-wrt on it, let's be honest, I have it to install the transmission-daemon and download torrents without having the computer on all day, also acting as nas via smb.

The problems;
1. Filesystem, I choose ntfs against all my beliefs because I can 'read only' on my mac, so it's 'easy' to unplug it, and transfer anything I want. I don't like it because I can't write (at least not without buying a driver, and I'm not going to spend money on a ms bullshit)
2. I want to add a second drive that I found somewhere.
3. NTFS is using fuse (dead slow) and ext3 is not a solution to me, I'm a mac guy. I need hfs+

I first try to research how to mount hfs+ on dd-wrt, I needed to add jffs, to install a driver, so I made it... newsflash: the driver is only for 2.4 kernels, I have a 2.6 kernel router ... dead end.

I was about to roll back to stock kernel, but I found something, tomato firmware with shibby enhancements was like bmw 125i coupe, small and perfect, it even has an interface with bittorrent installed, hfs+ support, and it's pretty.

The docs are pretty scarse, so I will clarify something for you, the version labeled BT-VPN has the bittorrent binary, but it doesn't have hfs+ support (another dead end), you need to install the btgui-vpn, and install the bittorrent-daemon via optware (more on this later, but get a usb drive somewhere).

Another thing in consideration is hfs+ support is only for non-journaled disks, but I can live with that, since I'm only downloading movies, and this is not critical for my relax purposes I can live without it, so this is the recipe:

1. Download the BTgui-VPN from shibby page , flash it as usual, do a 30/30/30

2. Get a flashdrive, format it ext2, since my flash drive was 4 gb, I use 250 megabytes to swap, and 3.7gb for apps, I downloaded the small gparted its graphical and easy (and you can run it from vmware), label the swap partition as 'swap' and the ext2 as 'optware'

3. on your router config page goto “administration”->”scripts”-> “Init tab”, and put this lines
echo "LABEL=optware /opt ext2 defaults 1 1" >> /etc/fstab
echo "LABEL=swap none swap sw 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

This will automount the drives on their correct location, notice that this is case sensitive, so if you change some name modify accordingly.

5. Reboot

6. Bottstrap optware:
wget -O - | tr -d '\r' > /tmp/
chmod +x /tmp/
sh /tmp/

7. Install transmission
ipkg-opt install transmission

8. configure the transmission daemon on the gui

9. Enjoy

Two hard drive problem with hfs+

Linux (or at least tomato) by default uses the drive number as mount name with hfs+, I mean if its the second partition mounts it on a folder called sda2 (it doesn't use the partiton name on hfs), and so on, I found that drives formatted with osx intel, creates 2 partitions, first one called EFI, fat32 , and then the real partition with a guid partition table schema, this created a problem because both hard drives called the same, and linux refuses to mount the second one, I found a work around, but it will only work with 2 hard drives, basically, when you are formatting one of the drives on disk utility on the options check the "create as primary partition", it will create only a partition without the EFI partition, so linux will mount it as sda1, solving me the problem of 2 hard disk, but this is a hack and I don't know who I have to contact to talk about this.

Feel free to ask me whatever questions at twitter


optware for noobs
tomato optware installation

try mustache

One of my best friends did a web app to try mustache online, use it and try before putting it on your site, its cool and have very interesting stuff

try mustache

Slow network simulation on OSX

After years to search how to test a slow connection in OSX.

Follow this link search for "Network Link Conditioner".

The better; is native and official.
How to simulate a slow network connection on Mac OS-X

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley wins, but not for long ... times are changing
Audrey Hepburn Starring in Galaxy Chocolate UK


please please please, apple hear us include xfs, screw the app store integration is not needed ...



zfs support in osx by arstechnica

The safe bet

Knowing that J.J. Abrams will be directing EP VII (bad joke) was like taking a glass of water after being all day on disney parks (/bad joke).

It was a safe bet, one of the brightest directors of this era directing one of the bigger franchises.

What could possible be wrong ?

A lot ... but anything is better than jar jar binx

That's no moon, that's a Mickey Mouse head space station

No, I don't like It.

I do accept that george lucas wasn't doign the best job directing all movies, but I can't deny that he has pinciples, and his imagination was all.

Disney don't share this principles, look at tron !!

Indeed avengers was good, it wasn't perfect, in fact without hulk it whould be iron man 2.5

Suddenly a lot of voices were shut down ...


- Learning and doing are paramount. People who do are much more important than people who talk about doing.
- Make mistakes, be wrong, plan to throw at least one away.
- Look at each bug and spend 5 minutes asking how you got there and how you’ll avoid it next time.
- Make loud mistakes. When you mess up, acknowledge it, and then learn from it.
- Be the worst in the band for at least the next 5 years. That will probably mean moving every 2-3 years or so as you plateau at each place.
- Read 1 nerd book a month and you’ll be 12x the industry average.
- Make sure your boss knows what your current career goals are (eg, become an awesome back end dev, focus on scaling, etc).
- Go to conferences/user groups/hack nights and actually talk to people. Code with them too.
- Read code. As much as you can get your head around.
- Spend 30 minutes each day improving something about your process (automate the thing you repeat the most) or environment (editor, shell, OS, etc).
- Focus on making it work, but then spend 5-10 minutes before each commit and polish. I often write 2 or 3 versions of a paragraph of code and weigh my options.